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Switched from Audition to Reaper! Really happy with the change

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I would recommend it over Audition because it is much easier to use, it has got a plethora of features that most users will find useful, and it's really cheap compared to most audio production software. I use it for professional dubbing sessions in a home studio and sound editing for video. Yes, you can set up ffmpeg and preview MKV files and most video containers with it. My mind was blown when I found out.

There is a unlimited trial period for you to test (imagine a WinRAR trial), but this software is so good that a buying a licence for it is just a bless. It is really worth the money.

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Great software.
Lot of features, lot of personalisation. Very Pro.

Possibility to test it in full version for free. License is not so high.
Lightweight and fast.

Has a great commmunity of user on various places : forums, facebook group.


Reaper - getting there

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yeah - it's miles ahead of most of what's out there. Well worth trying out under the extremely generous demo policy (unlimited functionality - never expires). There is still some unusual default behaviour (defining 'unusual' by DAW features or conventions since the days of ProTools 4) - some of which can't be changed so you'll have to get used to it or keep looking...

One issue is that there are 'too many' preferences - it's probably too configurable. This sort of runs contrary to some 'classic' Mac DAWs like Tracktion(still kind of works on OSX but don't count on it) & Deck II(old old old early OS9/OSX only) - which are about smooth workflow, minimal mouse clicks etc. That's my taste - arranging & mixing rather than overdubing etc - you might be able to see where I'm coming from.

How it runs on PC - I don't know - probably great but it does like a nice fast Intel Mac - performance on an older PowerPC machine (a dead platform but still one in use by poor musicians) can vary from excellent to terrible in ways that are hard to explain given processor/disk speed, OS versions etc...

Like I said - well worth spending time with - it might be exactly what you are looking for!