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Work well on Ubuntu

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Because of this software, I can completely give up windows and go to my favourite Ubuntu. And I do not need to pay for Lightroom!



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I'm used to work in Darktable, but it did not work very well on my newly bought laptop. I was forced to look for options and tried RawTherapee out. Right now I'm really impressed and I might never switch back to Darktable.


I have tried darktable and I didn't like it's management. The only drawback is that is is quite slow, which is probably because my computer is quite slow.

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I, as an amateur photographer, use rawtherapee to process photos in conjunction with hugin and digikam. It have wide choice demosaicing algorithms, even "Pixel Shift" for Pentax cameras, what was useful for me. Interface clean and comprehensible, but this application not for beginners in photoprocessing.