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RapidCRC Unicode Reviews

A true successor of RapidCRC

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I'm an old user of RapidCRC and have found nothing that replaces that program's speed, simplicity and ease until I find Rapid CRC Unicode. It's almost like the old program but have more features (that I don't use anyway) and you will be right at home if you are used to RapidCRC.
The shell integration works fine with win 7, 8 and 8.1 32 and 64 bit, and it is under active development.


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Amazing little app, uses multithreading for speedy checks, integrates into context menu, and file associations for checking .sfv .md5 .sha1 .sha256 .sha512, (so ignore the bad and inaccurate or early version reviews) is constantly in development so it may offer more than you read here. So far it seems to be the best little hash checker I've seen. It also looks very appealing.


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It looks like though it is able to generate a checksum of files, it cannot do the inverse. It cannot check whether a file matches a checksum.


The interface seems a bit counterintuitive and maybe it was different back then.
But as of now once you have generated your .sfv, just drag it into the RapicCRC window and it will verify all the files.