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Trojan is false positive according to creator and main dev

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According to Ramiro Saenz, trojan is a false positive (https://github.com/saenzramiro/rambox/issues/569 ) due to the way some electron apps install: (no admin permissions required) is considered suspicious by really strict AV and Firewall tools (https://github.com/MarshallOfSound/Google-Play-Music-Desktop-Player-UNOFFICIAL-/issues/1232#issuecomment-227963465 ).
Still, this needs work from developers to clear the waters. I would invite anyone trying the software to raise this issue until the devs properly solve this.
Otherwise it's a perfect replacement for 1 app to rule them all (a la Franz) with more services by default (79) and by being open source, the ability to add whatever site, should you need/want to (ServiceList.js model from https://github.com/saenzramiro/rambox/tree/master/app/model ).

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Sadly, rambox went along the same path franz did and is now freemium. Both Franz and Rambox are open source still (see github) but both will try to sell you their premium services.

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alternativeTo seems to have associated RamBox with chat clients, but it's not a chat client. It's a specialized web browser intended to wrap web applications. You can wrap a web-based chat client but you can also wrap GMail, Google Keep, Habitica or almost any other web app.

For this reason chat clients shouldn't be considered alternatives to RamBox, though RamBox might be an alternative to the chat client.

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Good tool to keep all you common web services and applications in one place.


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Configuration and advanced settings
  • Developer Mode


  • Does not support auto-correct
  • Mostly supports one language - English

Overall a decent tool available freely and open source.

Works well with Linux (Manual configuration might be required when installing).

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Pity there is no spelling check/ auto-correct, like in Franz

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it's not much more than would you can do with a web browser, but this small things make life much easier;)

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Works as it should. Free. Has many apps on-board. Well done.

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Fantastic messaging app with many services available to use.

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I always found that franz is way better, now that franz is opensource& now on github, more power to them.