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Trojan is false positive according to creator and main dev

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According to Ramiro Saenz, trojan is a false positive (https://github.com/saenzramiro/rambox/issues/569 ) due to the way some electron apps install: (no admin permissions required) is considered suspicious by really strict AV and Firewall tools (https://github.com/MarshallOfSound/Google-Play-Music-Desktop-Player-UNOFFICIAL-/issues/1232#issuecomment-227963465 ).
Still, this needs work from developers to clear the waters. I would invite anyone trying the software to raise this issue until the devs properly solve this.
Otherwise it's a perfect replacement for 1 app to rule them all (a la Franz) with more services by default (79) and by being open source, the ability to add whatever site, should you need/want to (ServiceList.js model from https://github.com/saenzramiro/rambox/tree/master/app/model ).

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Good tool to keep all you common web services and applications in one place.


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Configuration and advanced settings
  • Developer Mode


  • Does not support auto-correct
  • Mostly supports one language - English

Overall a decent tool available freely and open source.

Works well with Linux (Manual configuration might be required when installing).

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Works as it should. Free. Has many apps on-board. Well done.

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I always found that franz is way better, now that franz is opensource& now on github, more power to them.