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Rainlendar (Pro): Still unbeaten

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Elegant, portable, feature-rich, configurable, cross-platform, themeable, everything-able.

It is easily customizable to suit your needs and workflows on many platforms. Integrates nicely with your Outlook calendar at work, your CalDav-based calendars in the cloud (e.g. Owncloud/Nextcloud, DAVical, Radicale, ...).

Dev is a nice and friendly guy, too.



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The best & most beautiful, not to mention the most HELPFUL & feature-filled software for to-do lists, events, alarms, calendars there is. It's ESSENTIAL. You can even use their pro version for free if you don't mind "unregistered version" next to all of your events in the event list. I certainly don't mind it for now, until I buy it. It does everything you could want & looks amazing while doing it. There are TONS of awesome skins out there & they aren't that ugly, minimal, boxy boring crap either. They are ACTUAL skins, worth downloading (check deviantart, it's where I go). There's a fantastic Steampunk one or two as well. Multiple alarms for each event you set, with any sound file as the alarm & repeated as often as you want, as well as repeat the event itself with many options.

The to-do list features RULE, with primary AND secondary sorting, which allows me to have it sort primarily by category (e.g. "Download" or "Stuff to Buy") and then list each item underneath that category & sort those by something like priority or alphabetically.
You can have as many to-do lists as you want, with different skins for each one.
You can have multiple calendars.
You can connect it to your Google account & sync between your android phone & it!
Tons of options for customization, tons of options for everything, so you can tweak it all.

You can even edit the skin .ini file in notepad (or notepad++ preferably) & change fonts & colors of any skin you like (not 100% sure if this works on the new kind of skins though). This is something I do, since I like to make everything my own.

This is a program I cannot live without, simply will not live without & you shouldn't live without. I'm this much of a fan because it's that good of a program. I send a big kiss to the developers for being awesome! The only thing it doesn't do is give you a bj & make you a sandwich afterwards, but hey, that's not what it's for. ;)

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Have been using it for years, it runs my whole life