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Radmin VPN

Encrypted at 256 bit AES level.

Free but that can change in the future. This is proprietary software and normally used as part of Radmin host and client remote control software. You will pay for the remote control software much like Teamviewer should you decide to use it.

Radmin VPN is free to use and is handled by Radmin servers. Radmin is trustworthy. The license is several pages long and you must agree to it before using the VPN. They really should include it with the software so you can review it later. You only see it when you agree to it in the installation. Legally they are complying with the law, but anyone signing a contract should have a copy of it for reference.

Uses include the following.

  1. Virtual network that is encryped in VPN. Each user must have the software installed to connect. They must join the network defined and know the password and network name. You can set up multiple virtual networks. Each network will have its own ID and password. The virtual network(s) are quite secure and relatively fast (100 MB/second). Only the computers using the software can be networked. Other networked computers in a LAN are out of reach.

  2. Gaming is available to the virtually networked computers.

  3. Remote control through Radmin softare.

    It is up to the user to determine the use.

    The driver used for Radmin can be reset by disabling it, but you can not disable the network driver. It is always on, however you can set your computer to offline which makes it unreachable by any other user. There is a proxy setting, however Radmin does not explain its use in their help. If you want to fully disconnect you must uninstall the Radmin VPN. Just to compare this to TeamViewer, Teamviewer is always connected to their servers although Teamviewer does not make this as transparent as Radmin does.

    The Radmin VPN looks very much like the old Hamachi VPN that was discontinued by Logmein. Hopefully the free VPN will be available longer or at least offer a low cost model if it ever goes commercial. Hamachi VPN was great and it was very disappointing to see it disappear. Most free VPNs are too complex for the average user to take advantage of. Radmin is very easy to use just like the Hamachi VPN was. The Radmin VPN help is adequate but they could improve it. It would be nice if the proxy usage was explained.

    One last thing to mention this is not a VPN to protect your privacy on a web browser when you surf the net. If you are looking for that use the Tor browser, Betternet or another software package. This VPN allows you to connect to another computer securely or connect using Radmin's remote control software.

    This is a great free VPN. Not complex to use and relatively speedy. If you want to connect your computer to another computer over the internet safely you should definitely use this.


Great alternative for Hamachi,...

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Great alternative to Hamachi, works flawlessly without any major issues. The downside is the chat function, it requires you install something like a TeamViewer application

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After i discovered Radmin VPN, and if it's going to stay free, i am never looking at hamachi again.


  • simple, modern and good looking interface
  • simple to set up networks and to connect to them
  • no limit for number of connected users/gamers
  • up to 100Mbps connection
  • reliable


  • No integrated chat function (you have to install trial or paid Radmin Server for that)
  • No option to change display name (would be really useful in gaming situations).
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Because it works! It has solved my rdp from a remote site issue.
I have radmin too but vpn is just there in most of my cases :)

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I really prefer Radmin VPN over Hamachi, because it's simple to set up, has better, modern GUI, has no limit on amount of gamers connected and it works. On the downside, there isn't an any integrated Lan Text chat or an option to change your display name (so it doesn't look like unrecognizable mess of unknown connected devices).
Nevertheless, i really like it.

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Free, simple to use, no need of registration. easy management of networks, great GUI. I would like to have more features, but it's still way better than using Hamachi.

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Easy to setup and use, no hassle, no restarts. Works great

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Likely the best around - it would be nice to be able to sub list VPNs - so you can group these, however i am far from complaining.