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Before I reluctantly joined the internet, I was an enthusiastic radio listener.

Nowadays, I sometimes admit that internet radio is the only good thing that the internet brought to our society.

Very soon I found out that Radio?Sure! is the very best way to listen to radio from all over the world. It is in fact a community of radio lovers from every wind direction. That keeps the situation up-to-date, because everyone can do suggestions for new stations or for stations removal if they stopped broadcasting.

The program is also a search engine for stations in unknown countries and -very handy- for streaming-URLs of radio stations. You can use them for example in the VLC media player if you wish.

Many stations show “Playlist information” on the display and, also very important, the bit-rate and type (quality) of the internet stream. You can pin 30 favourites in the free version, make recordings, adapt the equalizer, choose your own language, or add radio stations just for yourself.

The look of the program can be adapted with beautiful freely available skins.

Personally I start the program with Windows: immediately good music, instead of the boring Windows jingle.

And that’s also the only disadvantage: it only works with Windows.