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Actually does what it says

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I found this software as an alternative to K9 Web Protection via this site. It was the first alternative I tried, and has worked the best for me.

Create an account on the web site, add your kids, download the software, and install it on the device(s) and provide your credentials during the install. I only tried this on a single PC for all my kids, and it worked flawlessly without having to futz around with constantly logging in to the software. It just works.

The only issue that I came across is that the 'Safe Search' option forces youtube in to restricted mode, which I found after a bit of trial and error. I logged a ticket about it, asking them to mention it in their docs/wiki, and they said they would. They responded to my ticket the following business day, as their support terms say.

The premium trial period is only 3-4 days. The free version only allows 1 child on 1 device.

After trying to unsuccessfully test Norton Family, and semi-successfully tested Net Nanny, I came back to Qustodio and purchased a subscription.


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It's really nice how they let you customize it so much and it works for so many platforms. Really good interface the way it is easy to install on a computer and administer remotely via web interface, unlike ContentBarrier which gave me so many struggles.
But in practice it seems to have some big holes - it's apparently quite difficult to fight against the big search gateways who integrate themselves deep into the browsers. My kids have still frequently been able to get to Youtube and Google even when they are blocked, somehow - reloading the pages over and over, etc. Other sites were blocked properly.
Another thing I'd like to see - a list of the search terms that were entered (NOT broken up into a "cloud" of single words - how silly), especially for Google but also Youtube and any other site.


Great software! Does what it says very well!

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I have been using Qustodio for over a month now and am pleasantly surprised by its abilities and how it approaches parental control. Installation and configuration is a breeze and once that's done, it tracks data silently. I have used a lot of such programs but this one has served me the best so far.


Below average, frequent lags

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i didn't quite agree with the app and fdor the 2 months that i used the app, it used to freeze every now and then. I had to log out and log in again which was really frustrating. also, the location tracking features need an overhaul. location history reports are not very easy to understand and unless you get the hang of the app, it will take around 5 minutes to get to the info you need. i'd give better rating to FamilyTime even though it doesn't have all the features like Qustodio but the major plus for Familytime is that it's really fast and the web interface is really cool. I hope these guys do something quick about the new features but so far what they have is brilliant.


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when need update, monitoring was suspended.


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Qustodio costs from $54.95 / year to $137.95 / year, but I’m looking for content-control software without a recurring fee.