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The first time I came across Quoll Writer, I wasn't expecting that much. But, after a few weeks of testing it, I had a very good surprise. The software is solid. It has achievements, statistics, targets, word count and everything to keep you excited and writing.

I've exchanged a few words with the developer, who is very polite and receptive. This is very important.

Also, Quoll has new versions released more quickly and with new features than its competitors. It appears that there's a new version (3.0) to be released in late April that will bring the option to a Dark Theme (not important to me at all, but I know it's for others); a Mac and Linux native apps (yay!); and the possibility to go mobile! =O

If you struggled with the bugs in the Bibisco software (which saddly happened to me), you should give a try to Quoll. You will be amazed. ;)