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Tested on Windows 7 integral edition 32-bits

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The best RSS feed reader!
I use it even for navigation, and AdBlock is integrated! There are plenty of features and integrations, labels system allows to classify the stream, and the filter system allows to labels, bookmarks or move entries automatically!

Everything is customizable, even the interface, really excellent and there are "pocket" integrated in the "Sharing" function, it can be used for bookmarking !.

Really the top, it does not consume too many resources, have can even customize favicons...

Try it you will not be disappointed!

It just still missing LastPass integration, which would be even better would be to integrate CRX or XPI addons, but this surely need to reprogram everything ^^"

Finally, it would be cool to put small addons, because I use a lot with firefox, and its great. ;)

(if you use the address bar of the browser function, remember to press "Enter" on the numeric keypad! (right of [. del] on a QWERTY keyboard)

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I think:

  • It should use Firefox or Chromium, the embedded browser is awful.
  • Javascript must be disabled with the current browser.
  • Should not support SSL3 at all.

Poor, very poor.

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version: 0.18.8
Missing important functionality for a RSS reader.

  1. No global search in all the feed
  2. don't support podcast.