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It worked at first but then all my feeds got delet...

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Mistakes were made on my part so I'm editing the review to reflect that.

My old review

It worked at first but then all my feeds got deleted along with every option I changed, If I pin the app all my feeds get deleted, if the app crashes all my feeds get deleted and lastly I accidentally hit the sleep key on Windows and you guessed it... All my feeds got deleted!

If that didn't happen I would've loved this app to bits... I'd pay for it since it does everything else so well... But, what's the point if all my feeds get deleted if anything at all happens?


All of the comments above were made while I was using the portable version from portableapps.com. The version on the developer's website does not contain that issue, I thought they were one in the same but that was not the case.

My new review

The app works perfectly once you download the portable version from the creator's website. It has a folder structure, tags, supports Youtube channels (limited by google's RSS policy of only showing the last 15 videos, but you can use a third party feed if you requite the backlog) its behavior is quite customizable down to the sound it makes to alert you of new feeds, to how and where it open the links. It's simple usable and practical

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Tested on Windows 7 integral edition 32-bits

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The best RSS feed reader!
I use it even for navigation, and AdBlock is integrated! There are plenty of features and integrations, labels system allows to classify the stream, and the filter system allows to labels, bookmarks or move entries automatically!

Everything is customizable, even the interface, really excellent and there are "pocket" integrated in the "Sharing" function, it can be used for bookmarking !.

Really the top, it does not consume too many resources, have can even customize favicons...

Try it you will not be disappointed!

It just still missing LastPass integration, which would be even better would be to integrate CRX or XPI addons, but this surely need to reprogram everything ^^"

Finally, it would be cool to put small addons, because I use a lot with firefox, and its great. ;)

(if you use the address bar of the browser function, remember to press "Enter" on the numeric keypad! (right of [. del] on a QWERTY keyboard)


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I like it a lot. Very useful. But. The "Mark Feed Read" button is right next to the Refresh button, so it's too easy to Lose a month's feeds in a flash.


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Don't yet know if I need it, but from what I read, I need it. So here goes!!!
And THANKS for the add.


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version: 0.18.8
Missing important functionality for a RSS reader.

  1. No global search in all the feed
  2. don't support podcast.