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I love Quick Macros

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It is elaborate, convenient and very thorough. I did not perceive Quick Macros that way before I started using it. I used AutoHotkey and, occasionally, AutoIt. I had 1 main (745 lines of code) AutoHotkey script + 42 smaller helper scripts and thought Quick Macros would not be any better.

I bought Quick Macros just to have new experience. My main AutoHotkey script is still running (because there is a lot to rework), but I automated much more tasks with Quick Macros in a shorter period of time than I was able with those 42 smaller helper AutoHotkey scripts.

The pivot points are the GUI that helps to record and manage all macros in one place and the fact that Quick Macros runs all macros in one server process that consumes only ~5Mb of memory. With AutoHotkey I was running each script separately and ~8 of them were #persistent which resulted in 8 AutoHotkey.exe processes running constantly (~5Mb each). I remember in one AutoHotkey script I was not able to send Ctrl+S reliably to an application and Quick Macros does this flawlessly.

Quick Macros has great help file that describes a lot of functions with examples, so that (to that point) I have automated everything I wanted. A couple of times I visited Quick Macros forums to add functionality that is not yet in standard setup (clipboard triggers and TcpIpClient).

I use it daily.