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Quick Config: XP+Vista stability, LAN-Adapter & PROXY

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  • Because Quick Config runs not stable I changed to Avanquest Connection Manager.
    Quick Config was unstable in Vista business 64 bit and Windows XP 32 bit.
    So I changed to Avanquest Connection Manager, which is available for Windows XP 32 bit and Vista 32 bit.
    Avanquest Connection Manager has a much better stability, equal as NetSetMan.
    But in difference to NetSetMan, the Avanquest Connection Manager is also free if used for commercial purposes.

  • Quick Config portable (May 2012) could not switch off or switch on an Ethernet Adapter ( LAN-Intel 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet) from the Lenovo W520 Notebook on Windows 7 64 bit.

  • Quick Config portable (May 2012) could not change the Firefox proxy in Firefox version 12.0 on Windows 7 64bit and Lenovo W520.

  • But you can read also an information (Feb 23, 2010) about the same bad behaviour of Net Profiles portable 2.1.7 on Windows XP:

    "Portable NetProfiles can't change proxy of portable Firefox"

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Quick Config is functionally great, but not stable

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Quick Config is a functional very great application, but works not stable with Vista business 64 bit

I like the ideas and functions of Quick Config very much, because these functions are better and more (e.g. routing) than
from NetSetMan (1), which I use in a private environment, because it is only private free.
The user interface of "Quick Config" is also unique and very excellent. Other languages than English and Russian should be added soon.

Disadvantages of Quick Config from my experience with version & Vista 64 bit:

  • Quick Config often hangs, and often does not activate or deactivate the Network Adapters,
    as it should do.
  • Shared Folders are not shared any more after "Apply" in Quick Config, when it hangs or also,
    when it does not hang.
  • The application very often hangs after "Applying Settings" and I must stop it with the Task Manager.
    It would be good, that there comes a time out after max. 10 seconds and an explanation,
    why the application was hanging.

I can say that Quick Config is stable on the Windows 7 x64.