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I really like [S3.Google Translator](https://alter...

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...the software seems completed!

I really like S3.Google Translator for Firefox and miss it on chromium-based browsers. But QTranslate it's just like S3 even better in some aspects. Very technical and user-friendly application!

Instant translation is that what I loved in S3 and couldn't found in other software, but found it here! And for any translation service, not only Google.

Most of the applications use global hotkeys and a user should make efforts to prevent conflicts, it's not the best idea for such small tools like this, but QTranslate have built-in exception rules, and you can allow it only for selected application. Hotkeys will not work inside of others.

And history feature will save time and traffic if the selected text was already translated before. That's why I even don't know so quick what could be improved here, the software seems completed!

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It is perfect, I like read books for practice a new languange and with Qtranslate it is very easy and fast find the meaning of words that I don't know.

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it is very nice app its solve my lots of problem like every time I am copy something and go to google translate and it's irritating but after this app, I am using only some short key and its translate in just a second.

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Simple yet fully-featured. Excellent variety of translation options, and easy options to make the translations appear where you wish.

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I don't usually review a software but this translator is really good! Easy to use and work flawlessly! Keep it up! Good work.


Excellent !

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excellent, the best I could find! I was looking for a long time a free translator, who works with all applications, with at least google translate and bing translate.

Plus we can enable/disable the mode 'real time' (by clicking on the icon in the systray), thus if you select text you can see the icon of the software next to the mouse, to finally choose an action!

Really well developed in any case; 3

I am convinced, increasingly it consumes only ~ 1 KB of RAM and ~ 17 KB V - RAM!

I use it more to translate the text of the french to English ^^

What is good is to choose 2 main languages, I have the french in first language, and the second in English, when I translated a text which is not in french I have it in french, and if it is a text in french I have it in English (what i just write should be slightly fuzz your mind ^^"). Voila, try it it is top ;) (With bing the translation is clean,at least)

Ah! I just remember! There are also themes of interface! It is really well done, I'll look if I can do my design personal ;3
and there are 8 themes in addition to the default (you can choose the colors of the default).
The developers have worked well!

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