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QGIS deserve a better review, so it goes:


  • Very portable, as it is based on Qt toolkit
  • Very extendable, as it supports Python and has a bunch of plugins easily available trough a repository
  • Translated to many languages
  • The long term support releases (LTR) are (usually) stable and good for production usage
    • I've had specially good results with 2.4 (on Debian), 2.16 (on Windows) and 3.4 (on Windows and openSUSE)
    • Even unstable releases can be very usable for daily work, but I also got good results using 3.10 releases as well (on openSUSE and Fedora)
  • Integrates with the right versions of GRASS and SAGA
  • Has a handy processing toolbox panel


  • When things break, things break badly: be careful when upgrading, if your version is working nicely and you want to upgrade it, plan accordingly so you won't lose (too much) time and money
  • Some translations not kept up with the development of the application
  • Once a while, plugins may break or don't work without giving a reason
  • Documentation can be a bit scarce in some situations
  • May crash with some incorrectly generated shapefiles, be sure to verify the topology and/or disable some checks before running geoprocessing algorithms

Overall, I like to use QGIS. I work for a urban planning firm and we do a lot of cartographic work using QGIS 3.8. QGIS can be used professionally and academically, for sure.

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As a geoscientist this software was the best that showed up in the last decade. Only weak spot of it is the map editor, it still not so much optimized for complex purposes, IMO. In those cases, I rather export a .pdf of the raw data with the grids and do all the rest on Inkscape.


The software I use most.. allw...

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Do not use it a lot but is the GIS software I use most.. allways new features... 5 star for 2.8 version


Ugly garbage

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You get what you pay for. Impossibly lousy by default, and through enormous efforts, and I do mean enormous, one may achieve modest results.