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Discontinued, yes - but still the best with the most options by far!

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In 2018 it is still the best way to get tabs on Windows Explorer. Fully customizable, clean, integrates nicely with Windows 10.


I'm satisfied

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Works really great on Windows 10, almost flawlessly. Easily merges with the new explorer theme and seems like an built-in Windows function (that it should be!). There are plenty of useful options available to customize.
Previously I used Clover but it's inoperable on Windows 10.

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Work really well in latest Windows 10 Fall Creator Update Oct 2017.
A very important part of my File Management. Thanksful it still work.
QTTabBar ver 1038 (2015-12-8) qttabbar.wikidot.com

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I can confirm that It still works well with Windows 10 version 1803. The configuration is quite extended but it is a required for a fine tuned file manager. Haven't faced any lag or such. Much recommended!


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It has a new update on the official website.

"Download QTTabBar ver 1039 (2018-10-14) New
(Fixed in 1039)

  • Errors on Windows 10 October 2018 Update and Insider Preview versions.
  • Supports Explorer dark mode (Windows10).
    and so on. For details, go to Change log.

Still OK

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Still works pretty well under Windows 10 but has some problems with scaling on high resolution. I can recommend it for tabbing in Windows Explorer, but looking for some more modern solution at the same time.
enter image description here


it is hard to use

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• Need to be installed and configure after installation
Beta Version cause Interface Gone and unrecoverable