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QOwnNotes: Your notes (in your cloud)

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What started with a cross-platform "sync markdown notes to owncloud(/nextcloud) server" is developing into a versatile, full-fledged, extensible knowledge management solution, not only for privacy-minded users.
Extremely active, yet friendly and helpful developer/community.

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QOwnNotes serves as my personal wiki. I am using that app on daily basis and it's awesome. It gives you the possibility to cut the functionality to bare minimum so you're not overhelmed, and then build your way up to complex usage with note subdirectories, tags, scripts and stuff. Recommending with all my heart.


You need a Zim with markdown marking?

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I always liked Zim-Wiki.

But it is disastrously not capable to open and save .md-files.

And here I found QOwnNotes: it turns your directories with markdown-notes into an outliner-analog to Zim-Wiki, only instead of a wiki-marking – a markdown-marking.

It cool!


Great alternative to Notational Velocity

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Works wonderfully to replace Notational Velocity in UNIX systems with QT, using it in Arch Linux and sincronizing notes with dropbox.

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I think this app is great except for two quibbles which brings it down from 5 to 3 stars:

1.) For me, it takes forever to fire up (about 8 seconds) and I have a pretty high spec. PC with Samsung m.2 960 EVO SSD, so it shouldn't take that much time.

2.) It's lagging when editing text. It's as if each and every thing I write needs to be instantaneously synced and during that time the editor freezes for a very tiny bit, but enough to cause annoyance.

Other than that, it's really solid and great.

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