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Twitter hired me in January 2019 to help scale our content practice. Here are some of the ways Qordoba is helping to do just that.

  • Streamlined content authoring, revision, optimization, and publishing processes
  • Improved content quality/consistency
  • Tailored content experiences to user segments
  • Streamlined localization processes
  • Content preservation for legal/compliance purposes
  • Simple inventories and audits, with instant content scoring
  • Easier collaboration with stakeholders, most notably, engineering

Speaking of engineering, we all know it takes a lot of tedious dev time to put content into production. The Twitter Dev team is as excited as any team at Twitter about the efficiencies Qordoba offers. At Twitter, we’re using the Qordoba API to integrate Qordoba with our proprietary strings management platform. Content strategists can now write, score, revise, request feedback and approval, and select to complete a string, all within the platform. With a status of Complete, the Qordoba API then pushes the strings to our proprietary strings management platform, which in turn pushes strings to our production environments, slashing the amount of time engineers spend writing, updating, and wrangling the strings in the code.


I’ve waited for Qordoba my whole career and I can’t recommend it highly enough. My DMs are open. Don't hesitate to message me if I can provide additional info.

Lisa Jennings Young
Twitter Design