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Does not deliver as advertised

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QJot is discontinued ... some discontinued apps have an after life, (IMO) QJot is past it !

There are no margin settings in QJot
Page margins default to L3cm, R3cm, T2.5cm, B2.5cm ... (L1.2", R1.2", T1.0", B1.0")
The only way to set margins is in other programs like ... AbiWord, Ableword, Libre Writer, MS-WordPad ... etc

HTML to RTF and RTF to HTML is not possible

  • QJot only provides for two file types .RTF and .DOC ... not even an "All Types" option.

All text and images in QJot created documents were rendered correctly by all tester apps
Last update Dec-2008 ... Developer's web-page is GONE

Test apps.: QJot, AbleWord, AbiWord, LibreWriter, MS-WordPad

Created DOC and RTF files with QJot
Opened each document with ... AbleWord², AbiWord, LibreWriter², MS-WordPad²
²_Windows versions_