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The best partner to improve your productivity ever!

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The Qbserve app is a good way to track your habits and to show the hard reallity of how you have been spending your time in front of computer. In my opinion Qbserve is the best activity tracker because it's fully automatic, private and intuitive!

My productivity has been increasing every day with Qbserve. Overall I really enjoyed this app.

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Great app for task and time tracking

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I'm a professional software developer using Qbserve since June 2016. I use Qbserve to keep track of daily browsing habits and other productivity killers. I was interested in an application that was private, easy to use, and unobtrusive and Qbserve fit the bill. The developers have been very responsive and consistent in releasing new features and improvements. I use it both at work and at home and I have found the app to be worth every penny.