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It's quickly becoming my favorite password generator. You can import a .txt-based dictionary, which means you can create an entire list of words you want it to use, right in notepad! I highly recommend making it only use funny or offensive or rude words, then making a sort of code only you know, by changing letters to symbols or numbers that you'll remember them standing for. You'll have hilarious, memorable passwords that are hard to forget & make you chuckle every time you enter them, like "Pork Moon Stiffy" or "juicy old pope", plus they'll be strong & hard to guess, as long as you do it a certain way. Make sure to include capitalization & symbols & numbers, it makes it much stronger.

The program is small, light & you'll hardly notice it running when you use it. It has a very simple, nice interface, using it is straightforward & most of it is self-explanatory. You can generate multiple passwords at once if you want. I'd hate to be without it, honestly.

Tip:For unique passwords every time, I highly recommend making a HUGE dictionary of words. You can combine a regular one with your list of funny/offensive/bad words, and it will make it much better & take less time to put together.