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PuTTY is very rudimentary

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PuTTY doesn't have tabs. This is super annoying. (PAC Manager, SecureCRT, Zoc do)

It can't use standard OpenSSH keys. You must convert them to its own PPK key format. PAC Manager uses standard keys.

To just connect to a host, the information is spread across THREE option pages:

  1. Session -> hostname and port
  2. Connection -> Data -> autologin username
  3. Connection -> SSH -> Auth -> Private key file.

This is just stupid UX. Sorry. In PAC Manager, you have all the login information on one page.

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It's very old and you have to convert your SSH keys from the standard format into "PuTTY keys" for them to work.


Really good client

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Really good client.
Very stable with most of servers.