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Cardboard support

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Refuses to delete our user account.


Lazy service

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  • They are using only the obsolete (HMAC-SHA1) SSLv3 (Earthvpn also).

I chose VPN.ac instead of them.


Fails on IOS in September 2015

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There are only fifteen (15) reviews on the Apple app-store and fourteen (14) say this app doesn't work. I tried both automatic and manual configuration and could not get it to work. I uninstalled and re-installed the application and it still failed. I will ask for my money back. Dissappointing because professional reviewers say it works on Windows.

I faced the same exact issue with their ios app, android app worked better. On my iPhone I had to setup manually and still had to try a combination of different servers and protocols. Finally got it to work with l2tp on US server. It's definitely tricky and require some patience. They should definitely work on their app!


  • are not using apple products
  • are using the open source OpenVPN software