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Pulse is a databaseless CMS, which is quite flexible. Your pages can have different templates, and with blocks you define different content areas per page.

And Pulse is easy. There is no special template language like Smarty or Twig or whatever – you only need HTML and CSS and some specific Pulse tags.

On the other hand, it might be not so easy. Customers will certainly not understand the difference between pages and blocks, and they could cause some chaos. But fortunately, you can create a user group for your customers, let’s call it editor, and only give your customers access to edit blocks, but not pages—since I think, best practice is to use pages only for layout purposes, and blocks only for the content.

But I'm sorry that I have to say that the blog capabilities and features are weak and unintuitive, in my opinion. And there are bugs, at least I think they’re bugs. When you are on the blog main page and click on an entry to get to the single article, you only receive a page not found error. As it seems, the system does not build the URLs correctly. There's some other flaws, but that would go too far right now.

So I have to say that Pulse CMS 5.x is a good CMS, but not such a good blog system. Thus I'm sorry I can only award four stars.

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