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The way Puffin plays Flash content shares similarities to both Flash for Android and Skyfire. Unlike Skyfire, which only attempts to transcode Flash video, Puffin will run just about any Flash-- video or not.
If you've been looking for an easy way to use Flash on your iPhone, Puffin will probably do the job.

When you watch a video with Puffin, the experience becomes a lot more like Skyfire. You can view Flash videos from your normal browser view, but the playback is laggy, so videos tends to be out of sync with their audio. For this, Puffin offers a special Skyfire-like popup window that allows you to view Flash video in fullscreen. When watching from this window, the playback is wayyy better; it's almost like watching a normal HTML5 or MP4 video from your browser.

Unfortunately, the window has some problems detecting the right video. For one, I'm pretty sure the window can only detect one video at a time. Skyfire has this same problem. Additionally, if the video that you're watching has a couple of ads playing before it, Puffin might only detect the ads, rather than the main video.