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Easy to use, works on every web hoster without a database.


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Great idea to manage your websites from your PC!


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it's one of the most beautiful and most user friendly software under GPL license.
It has limitations but also advantages over WordPress and similar CMS solutions.


Publii is a Desktop Bases CMS, for Linux, Mac and ...

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Publii is a desktop based CMS, for Linux, Mac and Windows. It has several themes and a Wordpress Importer. You can do all kinds of websites and blogs, without uploading software to a server and without needing a Database. It supports WYSIWYG, writing in blocks or a markdown editor. Choose which you want to use. It is just a checkbox.

There is nothing similar on the market, which runs on all three big platforms. It is free and open source. It comes with a handful of useful themes. For some special-themes you have to pay. Costs are around 30 Euros. It is still in Beta state, but works fine. Even the pre-releases are stable and good to use for serious projects.

Some features are still missing, like contact forms and buttons. On the other hand, it has a tool to embed the newsletter account code. There are fields for ad and banner code. Also a complete cookie consent tool is implemented. No plugins needed. It is a real great software.

I made a landing page/ business site portal with that software. You also can upload the sites to google drive, Github and Netlify. It works on every modern webspace.

So before You pay a lot of money for marketing-suites or webdesign software, try Publii.

There are some alternatives, but these are limited to Mac or Windows.

The static site builders have a real comeback. For people who do not want to learn markdown language, Publii is also a Hugo Alternative.

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