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It's just GUI for Tor binaries. Good if you're using Tor as proxy for different browsers and software, and don't want to work with Tor.exe manually. At least, it's first alternative to Vidalia Tor I found.


Thank you for the review! Glad to see that people are finding my program useful :)

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Thank you for such great app. I use it to pass internet censorship. if you can develop new features like
1- Select specific country for exit node(google think i am robot because my IP change a lot)
2- A box to insert new bridge( or get and set new bridge just with one click)
3- Add proxy to HTTP proxy for apps that just support HTTP proxy like twitter
many people can't use of many internet website like YouTube, Twitter. And your app can help them, who they haven't special knowledge about tor config


Thank you for the kind words! Features 1 and 3 are actually implemented, but they don't have a GUI for configuration. You can enable them by editing the config.ini file, you can find the relevant documentation here: https://github.com/DcodingTheWeb/ProxAllium/blob/master/config.adoc