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I'm a Grammarly user for many years. I tried this tool because I can't afford the premium on Grammarly.
What can I say about the tool is next:

  • less negative impact on performance while browsing.
  • not so good correction like in Grammarly. I know basic English and I need correct some words what used incorrectly or in the wrong form, but not rebuild whole sentences (in 50% cases wrong suggestions which absolutely changes the thought behind of the sentence).
  • when writing not in English it's also trying to find errors in ANY language, not only English, and provoke huge performance impact and highlight all in-English words and mark them as wrong ones which are incorrect. Reported to them about this and got from their support awful response instead of fixing the bug.

I back to Grammarly. But this tool not really bad. Maybe someone will found it useful and better then Grammarly, but I did not.