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Not user friendly but great collaboration

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I was excited when I read the ProtoShare features. Wireframes, prototype and collaboration in a secure space. Just what I'm looking for. I clicked download button, filled out the form and watched a dozen training videos. Ready to go.

I dropped in a button onto the Page. Its fresh and shiny. That was easy. Now I need a label. I scroll three lengths of the inspector window but no entry field for the button name. Clicking didn't work. So I click again. And scroll back through the inspector. Look at more tabs and buttons. But my little button is still blank.

Similar frustration with other components. This app is fine for someone who is use to coding markup in BB Edit or Text Wrangler but not for someone who is looking for a quick prototyping tool.

The collaboration, however is everything I'm looking for. You can add different roles. Reviewers can add topics and comments and you can easily see the comments pinned to the area they pertain to. Each comment can be resolved and once they are, they can not be commented on again.

If I could Frankenstein the ProtoShare collaboration features onto a more rapid prototyping tool like Proto.io or Fluid UI and add a website format it would be just what I'm looking for.