Alternatives to ProtonMail for Mac with any license

  • Mailpile

    Mailpile is a modern, fast web-mail client with user-friendly encryption and privacy features. The development of Mailpile is funded by a large community of backers and...

    • Mailpile is fantastic, but it's not really a Protonmail alternative. Protonmail is a webmail service; Mailpile is an email client, not a service. But it is good and open source... just it serves a different purpose, really. JohnFastmanDec 2016 • 13 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • Mailpile is a client, protonmail is a service. It's like, say, Google Chrome vs Google Search Guest • Jul 2018 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted ... OpenPGP

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  • GPGMail

    GPGMail is an open source plugin for Apple Mail. It brings the functionality to sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt mails using the...

    Free Open Source Mac GPGTools

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  • Inboxer

    Unofficial, free and open-source Google Inbox Desktop App. Built using electron, Inboxer includes a menu bar which is globalmenu compatible and works, and keyboard...

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

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  • Secure Gmail

    An extension to send secure, encrypted messages through Gmail. SecureGmail encrypts and decrypts emails you send in Gmail. This happens all on your machine, and the...

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome Gmail

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  • OnionMail

    OnionMail is an anonymous and encrypted mail server made to run on the TOR network without losing the ability to communicate with the Internet.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone

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  • Lockbin

    Lockbin is a web application for sending private email messages and files. People use it to send things like credit card numbers or confidential information.

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android Android Tablet

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  • Mynigma

    Mynigma is a new kind of email client with built-in encryption.

    Free Personal Mac iPhone iPad

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    • Discontinued Has not been updated since September 2016 and website has no content.
  • Criptext

    Criptext is an encrypted email service that guarantees security, privacy and control over all your email communications. We don‘t have access to your emails nor do we...

    Free Open Source Mac Android iPhone

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