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PROMT: highly professional translation software

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I have done with Small Frengly iconFrengly a translation German to English and then the same text with PROMT translator. Unfortunately, were with frengly.com immediately several clear mistakes.
I am almost inspired by PROMT translator of the perfection. I have never got this quality with Google Translate. This was rough always a little bit. Also this comment was written in German and translated by PROMT. PROMT is obviously highly professional translation software which may be used limited up to 3000 characters also free of charge. I had to do manually only one correction.


High quality, equal as Babelfish.

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I would still like to complement:
PROMT Translator has also a very high quality of translation, equal as Babelfish.


Short test translation from german to english

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I made a short test translation from german to english with 4 online translation products:

(a) Small Free online translator iconFree online translator

(b) Small Google Translate iconGoogle Translate

(c) Small Babel Fish iconBabel Fish

(d) http://alternativeto.net/software/promt---free-online-translator-and-dictionary/

My personal impression: until now I used Google Translate. But PROMPT Translator and Babelfish had the best translation result.
So in the future I will use PROMPT Translator or Babelfish.