Procreate Reviews

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• Great intuitive features.
• Makes drawing digitally really easy.
• Lots of customization options, including importing brushes & swatches from others.
• Can work with other styluses besides the Apple Pencil, but Apple Pencil really brings out the power of the software.

• only available on iPad
• free “trial” version (Procreate Pocket) only available on iPhone. Can install on iPad but isn’t designed for it.
• 3rd Party stylus functionality but doesn’t work as well with them as it does Apple Pencil (might be a limitation of the hardware, might be because they only publish on iOS).

Overall: Well worth the $10. Definitely recommend for the professional AND for the casual artist with a couple bucks to spend.

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I love the intuitive way it works.
I would love it even more if it was available on Android.