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Super Software

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Similar to Process Explorer and amazing


Aweasome multi-tasks manager.

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It's the best task manager I've seen so far, first it's true that I don't use all features, but the one that help me a lot is the "threads" tab, when looking at a process/service properties.

Really useful because you can see what DLL do what, how much resources it eat (like the one that contain windows update search "wuaueng.dll" that eat a lot of CPU sometimes, I just suspend it some minutes when starting update, and resume it to have an ultra fast update ^3^).

After this, there's a lot of info, the little tray icons that show a popup displaying CPU, GPU, RAM, Network, Disk, I/O,… they can be all displayed at the same time too, with little graphs !

There's a lot more, like the multi-tests to close a process, saving priority of each process (but only work if process hacker is running), displaying a lot of data in columns, displaying graphs… there's really a lot !

But the biggest issue… like process explorer if your computer run high, like playing a game or using a game engine, photoshop, or any software that need some RES, it'll crash… (well a lot of times it crash when I open the explorer.exe or do some lowly tasks and my CPU is low…).

Hope to see a really stable version, or an alternative that's as good as this one !

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This is some amazing software right here. I love it. why is there no <3 love button?

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I have learnt a great deal about complex software issues on my system thanks to this free utility.