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Pro Video Factory is a stock footage platform where you can buy premium quality clips in HD, 4K, 6K and UP.

As artists ourselves, we understand that delivering quality content requires enormous amounts of time, energy and financial investment for any creative who wants to stay true to its vision. Born out of respect for the creative process, our platform aims to help every creator invest more time and energy in telling the story, while letting us do the hard work.

Dedicated professionals

We don't settle for half-measures when it comes to quality. Every member of our team strives for excellence in delivering users top-notch content.

We are the sole creators

By eliminating all third parties we created a platform where the user can buy straight from the source, allowing us to provide better deals and supporting artists to focus on the creative process and not on the business game

Fresh videos daily

20 000+ new files added monthly.
With ever-growing collections we set out to become the biggest professional video library on the market with tons of fresh footage added on a daily basis.

Footage from all over the world

Our teams are on a perpetual quest around the Globe to capture a variety of moments and places.Their aim is to create more than stock footage, the goal is to create sources of inspiration for artists of all kind.

4K, 6K and UP

In order to provide highly customizable videos we use only cutting-edge technology. We are always on a chase in finding the latest equipment that can unveil a new level of realism.

Curated content

All footage is professionally filmed and carefully picked. We control and review each video for an enjoyable journey through our library.

All the content is structured into 3 big collections, each one with its distinctive benefits, and because we’ve just launch the platform all the subscription packs come with a 50% off discount.

The Silver Membership will allow users to download more than 50.000 FREE videos in 4K resolution with H264 codec. You can access this entire library for only 150$/year, this offer is limited.

Every HD, H.264 video FREE
Every 4K, H.264 video FREE
Every 4K, ProRes video $10
Every 6K, R3D, RAW video $100

The Gold Subscription will give users access to a library of more than 100.000 videos, available in HD, 4K and 6K in ProRes, a professional video codec that allows the user to work on color grading and to highly edit the clip without losing any quality. You can get this subscription for 250$/year and besides the access to the Silver and Gold library, you get back 150$ worth of credits to spend them on awesome stock.

Every HD, H.264 video $1
Every 4K, H.264 video $5
Every 4K, ProRes video $10
Every 6K, R3D, RAW video $100

The Platinum Subscription is the holy grail of stock. It has cinematography worthy content and it unlocks the Pro Video Factory’s entire library of 150.000+ videos, access to the collection highlights and it comes with the R3D Raw format for the videos inside the Platinum Collection. You can get the Platinum Subscription for only 450$ a year and you get back 350$ worth of credits to invest them in your projects. You will also gain full access to the entire Pro Video Factory library.

Every HD, H.264 video $10
Every 4K, H.264 video $25
Every 4K, ProRes video $50
Every 6K, R3D, RAW video $100

But if you are not convinced to become a full member right away we also have a Free Trial Membership in which you get 20 Free Videos of your choosing from the Silver Collection, no payment required.