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Primewire was a fairly well organized site but not so user friendly. It was a site often plagued with a LOT of aggressive, spiteful people, a group which, unfortunately, included many of the moderators. General consensus was that arrogant, power hungry bullies ran the site and ya best keep quiet.

The developer sat offshore sucking up the money from ads and ignored the everyday abuse of the people who made his money possible.
Rumor had it that logged in users' devices were used to move cryptocurrency transactions around the globe, unbeknownst to users and at their expense.

I myself noticed a sharp CPU uptake when using the site for the last several months and I couldn't figure why until I heard that and wondered what else they were doing.
Also heard a rumor that there was a porn library there but that could have been false rumor, I don't know.
I DO know that if a mod took a dislike to you for whatever reason there would be hell to pay---I myself was falsely accused of having two accounts and threatened with banishment after I was a member only a couple of months.

Some mods often made bullying, irrational decisions muting and banning them for no provable reason.
Apparently they finally pissed off enough people that their abuse resulted in the site being trashed.

That is not to say all the mods were abusers by any means. For example Johnny_Rotten was one of the best, a "user friendly" mod who would go out of his way to help you in every way he could...a very nice person. But he was in the minority, sadly.

The PW forum was a warning place more than a resource or an exchange of ideas. Nothing in there was ever updated or organized for clarity in it or archived; many of the topics and threads were YEARS old and useless. Essentially it was useless to the users. Question something there and be ignored or directed to the site 'rules' list that was nine years old which basically told you to shut up.

Certain users were allowed to insult and demean anyone with no restraint. Some were allowed more than one account with a wink and a nod. Other users were instantly banned for the same thing. Some of the uploaders were terrified if they opened their mouths about some of the mods taking advantage of their position in the uplinking money game, afraid they would incur the wrath of a Supermod and lose their source of income if they spoke up.

Many of the users were not on PW long enough to discover all this. Many of us were. I'm rather lad it's over, to be blunt.

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Aggressive ads, even with adblocker and DNS filtering.

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Very bad. Full of pop ups and many links are click baits that lead to pop up. Episode and Movies sometimes return white empty page.

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Many links for movies/shows, you can turn off ads, its just a well rounded site