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Good App, Bad Server

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I used their app for years but recently they have changed their service provider which isn't good.
The worst thing about it is their server is unreachable in some regions (a problem caused by their service provider) which means if you lose your device and it fall into those regions you can never reach it or being informed about it.
I hope they change their service provider anytime soon.

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This app seems a bit useless on Iphone IOS 10 as the only way it can track the user's location is if they open the app up.

If my phone is secured with a passcode, and the person who stole it can't get in, they can't start the app!

It's a bit clever about hiding what the app is though. I've toggled it to be "camouflaged" which means the app is pretending to be a game. If I use the Prey website to try and find the location, it will send a notification saying that the app's latest bill is ready to be viewed. This might trick an attacker (if they can unlock the phone) into viewing the notification. They'll then just see a login screen for the "game".

Providing that the location is accurate enough (which in my tests it was within about 500m which isn't very useful), you might be able to get it to sound an alarm from the phone if you can get the attacker to open the app again. Of course, the moment they close the app, the alarm stops...

Perhaps this app is better than nothing on IOS but I think there's a built in app "Find my iPhone" which likely does a better job.

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Near-constant communications failures on linux. Support is a joke- via Facebook, & I've been lucky to get a reply within 3 weeks. More than once the reply I get is completely out of context, as if they didn't even bother to read the conversation up to that point & gain a clue as to what the issue is.