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There are 2 editions of this prog, Portable + Installer. First released in 2002 with conflicting last update dates. 2015 and 2018 ??
Downloads are available from Softpedia, ... the developer cannot be traced.

Always onTop:
Works as advertised, but is limited to FILES only, not available for file-explorers (Win-Exp. etc).
There is no convenient visual indication that a file is in on-top mode.
A lot of tedious mouse clicking in each file's Window Control Menu ... (top left icon in window Title Bar)
Deskpins is a vastly superior program, because each on-top window is flagged with a colored pin and can be applied to folders, system dialogs and file-explorers.

Only available to Win-2K and XP.
It locked up on Win-7 PRO x64 and would not release, even when PowerMenu was closed/Exit.

Minimize to Tray:
A bit pointless (IMO) considering sys.tray is very crowded, and minimize to TaskBar is far more versatile.

Basically IMO PowerMenu is a waste of time, because there many more versatile alternatives available, and without bugs (Win-7)