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Well, ConEmu it is ...

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Such a pity that this became commercial, even more so seeing that it is apparently slower and older than it's former free counterparts.


Are you referring to PowerCMD or ConEmu? A little more context wouldn't hurt....

Try PowerCmd

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I don't consider myself a power user, but from time to time I need to use cmd and I miss such features as full window, ctrl+c to copy, ctrl+v to paste, convenient search, tabs.

PowerCmd has it all.

I briefly tested Console, ConEmu and PowerCmd. For a user, who wants a better and much more convenient alternative to Windows Command Prompt PowerCmd is the choice.

PowerCmd is really easy to start working with.


Really? This is PR?

"full window, ctrl+c to copy, ctrl+v to paste, convenient search, tabs."
All that ConEmu has too.

And PowerCmd cons.

  • Their paid "new 2.2" version was not updated for years since 2011.
  • GUI part required ADMIN (elevated) permissions.
  • It is VERY slow. How long simple "dir c:\windows\system32 /s" will be executed? PowerCmd ~450sec, ConEmu ~50sec. Sample .cmd script to check duration: http://pastebin.com/u5z1pa1A
  • Eats up to 70%-80% of CPU while something is executing in the console. Even in background.
  • Status bar is useless. Coordinates? Buffer size? Active process PID? No?
  • And small stroke. IME appears in external window but not in place.
  • I can continue...


Well, to be honest, PowerCmd has some advantages over ConEmu (but not one you have described).
For example, seems like it can use unlimited scroll buffer and provide automatic logging to the file.

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Thanks you for a critical reply. I see that you're much more experienced command prompt user than me.

But I, as a layman user, found that PowerCmd was the easiest to use right out of the box without any needs to configure it in order to get a comfortable replacement for Windows native CMD.

Therefore, in my opinion, for a regular user that needs to use command prompt to run some basic commands comfortably PowerCmd remains a really good solution.