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Works great with no issues!

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I've used Posteo for over a month now, and so far I've had no problems whatsoever. The emails arrive as they should and the web GUI is okay. There is a setting to enable encryption, preventing even the company from reading your emails. The service is located in Germany, which means they can't be legally forced to backdoor your email account to send everything you do to the police.

Thunderbird + TorBirdy on my computer works very well. The service is really Tor friendly.
K-9 on my Android also works very well, especially since K-9 has support for identities or aliases as Posteo calls them.

My only nitpick is that I think there should be more aliases. For a euro per month you can't really complain though. I also think the name "Posteo" sounds odd in non-English languages, but that's probably just me.

If you're looking for a Gmail/Outlook alternative, I'd say this one is the best I've tried so far!