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Postbox and Thunderbird

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Been using Postbox for a while. It's basically tweaks Thunderbird, so Thunderbird is still the core running the email client. If you like Thunderbird, you'll like Postbox better. If you don't like Thunderbird, Postbox is really the same thing with a different theme.

Thunderbird/Postbox don't seem to be going anywhere and the development isn't very active. So whatever you get is what you are going to get for a long time.

Hopefully the Postbox developers who accepted my money are going to enhance the product, not just copy Thunderbird's code.


Not different enough from Thunderbird

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  1. Security

IMAP email is stored unencrypted.

  1. No Linux version

Thunderbird has a Linux version.

  1. Support?

None to maybe little.

  1. Plugins
    Not as many as Thunderbird, but I never thought Thunderbird had that many good plugins either.
    Not entirely sure if Postbox is using the most recent version of the plugins.

  2. Versus Thunderbird

No difference with free and open Thunderbird, except for the theme. If there is a difference, I can't tell.

  1. Cost

Why pay for this when you can get the same product free (Thunderbird)?

My guess is Postbox was trying to take a financial advantage when people thought Mozilla was going to end Thunderbird development. But Postbox was wrong. Actually, I don't really see Postbox doing much development.

There's probably not profit to be made to motivate development and future viability, therefore I think it would be best to go with open source or a more popular product.

PostBox v4.0.5


Shocked, looking at the Windows UI

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When I first saw some screenshots of the MacOSX UI of Postbox I was very excited. After I installed the Windows version I was kinda shocked because it looks almost identical to Thunderbird.

Postbox for Windows IS Thunderbird. Slower Thunderbird (yep, really possible!) with a lot of more bugs, 1/1000 of the official Thunderbird extensions work, no developer information about how to convert existing extensions to the "new" Postbox format and 10 bucks (current price) for a product which is normally free is ridiculous.



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Nice and clean alternative to Thunderbird.


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I am still running v3.11 when it was $10 ... now $40 is a ripoff
They have never had any support, no forum, no email support unless you were prepared to pay $10 for support.
I have just tried to find the price on the Postbox website, but they are too ashamed to mention it unless you almost "buy"

I would be willing to pay $20 or $25 outright, as for updates I think the only updates Postbox have made are cosmetic.

Postbox GUI is light years ahead of TBird.
On a laptop 15' monitor the Tbird "From", Description, Date fields are on one line, in pane #2
In Tbird we are stuck with dinosaur layout. Even Opera mail can compact the second pane.

My vague memory is that there was a TBird version where the pane #2 was "wrapped"
There are still full TBird legacy lists available for both portable and installers.


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I think I tested all email applications the last 20 years. The best one I used was Pocomail, a really ergonomic application made for users. Sadly, it was abandoned.

So **Thunderbird **was second choice but after Pocomail, TB is like a tank, heavy, not convivial at all (and I used it many years).
Postbox was an alternative but I was convinced only by the 6 version. The 7 version is really a dream to use. Clear interface, very smooth even with more than 6000 mails in database, nice themes, clear options and features you won’t need (templates for newsletters…) but who knows.

When I read or write a mail I need very clear an readable interface and Postbox is the best for this. I need clear listing, quick filtering, favorite mails at top of listing, quick answer, good management of attachments. All these are in Postbox (Gmail is a pain to use compare to Postbox).
Database is compatible with TB so you may use tools conceived for TB (no problem with Mailstore)

But perfection is not in this world. So the –

  • search is not the best. No automatic refresh list when you type. The + : quick search in attachments
  • price has changed these last years from 15 US$ each version to 40US$ for a lifetime license. I was happy to pay for lifetime as the new price is 30US$ for one year. It’s a lot of money if you don’t use a mail application in professional environment.
  • no more TB plugins compatibility but it’s not a problem for me

I think it’s the best mail application (for the moment) considering usability, very user friendly. I rarely met a problem, bug or needed to kill the application. Mail support was quick from the developpers (and free, I never paid for that) TB compatibility is a plus as you may migrate from one to the other without any problem. Too bad it’s so expensive.


Very good but too much white (at least for me) bakes eyes

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I tried it and it is very good but unfortunately does not have a black theme or at least the ability to put a dark theme, work all day with several emails I like the separation in the account groups, but at the end of the day my eyes are cooked by too white .
Too bad because it's very valuable


Postbox on Mac

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Contrary to earlier reviews that said Postbox had stopped/slowed development, Postbox is now version 5 and development continues with updates every few weeks - now at 5.0.9 as I write this. It's like Thunderbird but with a cleaner interface though the recent attempts to brighten it up with color outlines around some buttons looks weak. Personally, if you want those kinds of bells and whistles, Airmail works fine and has lot of color if you want it. I prefer my email lean and mean.

Since Postbox is based on Thunderbird, my biggest gripe is that they require Thunderbird extension developers to add some code to their extensions in order to be compatible, and most developers apparently could care less about Postbox. Some extensions do work, but it would be nice if more did. That said, some of the abilities extensions give you in Thunderbird are already built into Postbox.

Is it worth the price versus free Thunderbird? I got an upgrade discount for being a previous purchaser of Postbox but I would never have paid their new retail price ($49 now, I think) for it. They do offer a lifetime license for that price, but with the number of email programs out there for all OSes, there is too much competition if you're a penny pincher. Since I'm a creature of habit, I'll stick with it for now.


Nice, but...

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Postbox is great but it's almost dead. Windows version looks almost like Thunderbird and not as good as the Mac version. Development is psycho slow, no customer support (hello? it's a paid program!), 1% of the Thunderbird extensions work and then only really old versions. No one knows how to make extensions compatible etc.


They've done a minor update to 3.0.11 but I'm not sure how much improved it is.