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free plan is available again

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I have changed it to "FREEMIUM" instead of "COMMERCIAL" because free plan is available again.
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support does not exist. I checked out the free plan, liked it alot but when I uploaded a code block, none of the themes displayed it correctly... but still, very cool!

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If have and/or are familiar with Evernote, then this is an extremely simple way to share quick articles, blogs, or whatever you can type including simple html like embedding videos. However, if you like to customize your blog/site, that's a con for this because it's very minimal with little to no customization, outside of your site-name, avatar, etc.. (no access to html like tumblr). If simple and minimal is your thing though, look no further.
*You do need to have an Evernote account by the way, not the app necessarily, but you will have to sign-up. Which isn't a bad thing, Evernote's great on it's own.