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Very user friendly interface for Wine that uses the power of community to support a really huge amount of games through hand-made (so to speak) packages.

I've just tested it by installing my first game with it: Thief Gold. I found a package with a quick search, and it apparently guessed itself, that I had the .exe file from gog.com in my download folder, so I just clicked install and followed the steps – as easy as it gets.

It (attempted) to install the Wine port of Visual C++ 2008 during the proces, but it resulted in an error (at least I think that was where the error message came from). Nonetheless the main installer finished successfully, and the game works flawlessly so far, both cutscenes and gameplay, no lag either. I've only just started it though.

Notice that I haven't tried making my own packages, so don't know how well that works.

I'd give it 4,5 stars or so, because of the weird error, but since that's not an option, and it works and has a smooth interface, it gets 5 :)