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What PT really needs is an account based system where we can save our favourite multimedia and possibly a forum type dealio where we cahn use said accounts to chat and talk all within the PT app. Also, having your favourite multimedia tied to your account would mean that you could switch between versions of PT and still have your favs synced up and ready to go.
However, having an account to use PT should never be forced.


Check Small ZeroNet iconZeroNet for making a server on the cloud. Decentralized server that is free of cost and advertisement. People who use the server also run it.

Absolutely awesome

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Awesome, that's it. Very cool graphic and layout, stunning with subs. What more can i ask for ?


popcorn time is gone

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I loved the software they made and I am really sad right now cuz pop corn is gone gone gone I wish if I having a knowledge of how to build an application like so I would totally do it , its a big loss for us all , we will miss you popcorn time.


Idea is good. People are selfish.

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People should not hit'n'run torrents. It has seed issues.

Please seed your favorite content till you start to bleed! Thx in the name of the others.

Many torrent clients have the seed ratio setting. Set it to 2,0 then set to delete them if you do not have enough space to keep them alive. It helps a lot also.

My favorite torrent client is: qBittorrent

Popcorn uses YTS.AG's tracker...there are a lot of fake YTS yify sites, watch out!