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### POP!_OS is a young work in progress #### I ...

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POP!_OS is a young work in progress

I wanted to like this distro because...

  • It's based on Ubuntu, which has widespread support
  • It doesn't have the privacy concerns Ubuntu is facing
  • I support System 76 as a company that promotes Linux-based products for the average user
  • I like the minimalistic, out-of-the-box desktop setup

... but I uninstalled it after a couple of hours because...

  • It's software center is threadbare (at the time of writing this), which means installing synaptic package manager and Ubuntu software center anyway
  • I realised there is no clear information about whether System 76 issue security alerts, or if security updates are just taken directly from Ubuntu
  • After installing Spotify (via snap) and Nvidia drivers (390), I restarted and got a pile of errors on startup that ultimately prevented me from logging in. Grub offered only "ubuntu" as an option and that option returned all kind of ACPI errors. (I don't believe this was related to the plymouth password entry bug known for encrypted hard disks.)
  • I can install the excellent Pop theme (icons, shell theme, etc.) even if I use another distro.


Pop!_OS is very young (released autumn 2017). It is run by ultimately very good and capable people. I hope it will grow. Perhaps it will be worth checking in on it again in a few months.

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Developed by System76 this Ubuntu based fork provides a very clean experience. It just works with a modern minimalist design and as a Information Science person this has been huge for my productivity.