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I just got charged another 3 months a few days ago I didn't expect. I went to my account to cancel it, and the only choice I got was to downgrade my account to free, which it did, immediately. I've lost all premium features immediately and the 3 months I paid went down the drain. I've only been premium for 2 days.

They don't do refunds at all. The fine print will kick you in the butt. Especially if you accidentally chose the wrong plan to downgrade or upgrade to.

Be very careful about their automated bank feeds as well with Yodlee. You have to provide your bank password so they can extract your transactions. If you're with ASB (NZ, AU) it breaks their policy if you provide your password to a different service, so if someone did hack your bank account ASB isn't obliged to help you. I assume other banks would work the same unless they have proper public APIs that Pocketsmith can integrate with but I think uses Yodlee directly.

The service itself is good. Only one I know with a good budget calendar. But the subscription model they have is shady, their refund policy is non existent, they don't even have cancel subscription but keep your premium status, and they are on NZ and only do support on weekdays, and if you're in the US that's 19+ hrs in some states - imagine asking for support asap, which is something you can't do.