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The Best Windows Phone Bible Reader App by a big margin

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After trying most of the apps on WP I finally stumbled on PocketBible from Laridian. The UI is a little daunting for the first couple of days but once you have mastered its nuances it is fantastic tool. Available free or with additional options (books) by paying more.

At its simplist it is an easy to navigate bible reader with lots of versions available and a voice reading option. But it does so much more, passages can be bookmarked by user defined categories, highlighted in a large range of colors, copied and shared to arrange of social media and other applications.

For the avid bible student a range of commentaries, dictionaries, maps and language tools can be added. These can all be open at one time and toggled backwards and forwards between open books with a single touch. The beauty is that all the books will scroll to the same point in scripture. If your bible is open at Psalm 103 v1 then toggling to the your commentaries will see them open at Psalm 103 v1. Similarly your concordance, and language dictionaries will also open at your current reference.

Moving around in a single book is as easy as one swipe to move up or down a chapter or across to move to the previous or next chapter.

PocketBible has a powerful search tool allowing AND OR XOR and other search syntax to be used in whichever book you have open. For example if you can search in your Concordance by Strongs number, say g355 which will return all occurrences of g355. Very useful.

Pocketbible also comes on Windows 8.1 which syncs with the WP app. If you make a highlight in WP when you open the Windows 8.1 app the highlight will be there an visa versa. If you use one of the PocketBible reading plans it will also sync across all the platforms you are using.

Cannot recommend PocketBible high enough. Ridiculous value compared to other offerings. From what I can see the iOS and Android apps are even more powerful.