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Simple, solid text editor.

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Pluma is a text editor that comes with the MATE desktop on various Linux distributions.
It's very simple but functional. It's hard not to give it a positive review since it aims only at one thing and it does that very well.


The Alternativeto.net page for Pluma says it is "free". This is ambiguous because "Free" can mean two different things:

  • you don't pay for it (free as in beer)
  • it is free as a bird (which also means you don't pay for it)

Pluma is both. Most people unfamiliar with software development and licencing will assume Pluma is free in the sense of free beer. But in actual fact Pluma is distributed under GNU General Public Licence, which means you neither have to play for Pluma nor worry that someone is making money at your expense from it nor that the code is restricted. It's not, you can download it, look at it and modify it at will. Great stuff.