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I absolutely love Pluckeye. It has helped me in quite a few moments with my addiction to porn and kept me away from certain images and sites because the moments that I knew I wasn't craving, I was blocking every site I knew and now I'm off for good. I've had some issues with using Google Drive and seeing Gmail icons on the page (Gmail is still usable) but they're the only sites I've had issues with. I made this Alternative To account just to leave a good review. Thank you to the creator and I hope you start making enough money to support yourself and your family.


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It is the best filter you could use for your internet if you are struggling with self-control and need to get some actual work done on your computer. I could bypass most software I tried. But not this one. It can be customised in so many ways. You need to read the instructions though but it's worth the effort. I use it to block porn and most sites that I find distracting. Mine is also set to block youtube when it is scheduled. On weekends I allow Netflix for a few hours.


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Takes a while to setup but there is no better tool out there than Pluckeye.


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This is the only software which has worked for me for self moderation!