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Price has skyrocketed, API leaves much to be desired

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Plotly 2.0 is the only choice for a free Community account. The original is not available except with a Pro account, which is now $396 a YEAR, billed annually. This works out to $1.08 PER DAY, for ONE USER. Of course, if you only need it a few days a year, it isn't worth $400.

If it's for a business, then okay. Maybe you'd pay that much. But then you're looking at $948, and that's still for a cloud service.

Want on-premise, behind-the-firewall protection for your data? That'll be $9,950 please, and only for 5 licenses.

It works OKAY, assuming you're actually going to use javascript coding. If you're just trying to use the API, well, it's terrible. Unless you get the full support of the original with Pro or better, which of course you can't test out for free.


You are referring to their enterprise designer application. You would only need that if you don't know how to code simple javascript. The actual plotly.js package is completely free to use for all purposes: https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/blob/master/LICENSE .