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Plex is actually pretty good in a lot of respects--a beautiful interface that pulls a ton of information together in 'just the right way'.

But I will never use Plex again. Newer versions of Plex go out of their way to prevent you from using it unless you sign in to their cloud account. I fought for hours after an update to my home media server locked everyone out and suddenly started requiring we link to cloud accounts. No thanks. I'll find someone else for my media library.


Plus Plex collecting user data. Plex also prevents device from sleep mode

Recently moved to Emby

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Recently move to Emby as their windows desktop program has become much more feature rich, and haven't looked back!
I reported an issue with Plex server disconnecting my other media client whenever I lost internet connection, and the devs haven't done a single thing about it. This was reported in June/July 2015... almost a year ago.
So, for those who are sick of not being able to access their own content when the internet goes down (or more recently), or when the Plex servers go down, check out Emby!

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They expect ME to ***PAY*** them to stream over MY network???

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Are they frigging HIGH?!?!?!?!


Currently Plex pass offers these features:

  • Multiaccount

    • Allows for multiple users in one home without having to log in and out
    • Allows for restricting access to different media (placing it under a pin and such)
  • Free apps for mobile and consoles (if you dont subscribe you will have to purchase them separetly, The android app costs $4.99)

  • Downloading Trailers and extras for your movies automatically.

  • Syncing photos from your phone, similar to dropbox, google+ autobackup, everyCloudServiceEver

  • Offline Access from your phone. Allows you to download the movie and watch it on the plex app even when you're not connected to a network. Probably the only useful feature in there, other than the multiuser for families.

  • Cloud Sync, allowing you to sync your videos and music to cloud storage providers, so you can watch things from anywhere even without having your computer on. (Which is quite the opposite of paying them to stream over YOUR network)

That's it, to stream from anywhere in the world from your computer is free. As much as you want. For free.

Streaming to any computer, or Samsung TV, and any chromecast. Literally everything except the above is free.

Plex pass is $4.99 a month. $39.99 a year, and $149.99 forever. If you dont think its worth it, don't buy it, but think of it more as a upgrade of the software.

And I cant stress this enough, you DO NOT have to pay them to stream things over your network, where this guy got that from is a mystery, maybe he was HIGH.

Actually YOU are the HIGH one. YES you HAVE to pay them to use the Android app. Otherwise you only get to watch 10 minutes of the movie or only listen to 10 minutes of music, then done. The playback SHOULD BE FREE PERIOD. The fact that they CLAIM is FREE on GooglePlay is FALSE ADVERT it is NOT free.

If you had read my comment you'd have seen that I mentioned this

> Free apps for mobile and consoles (if you dont subscribe you will have to purchase them separetly, The android app costs $4.99)

Besides, it's not like you have a fundamental right to get shit for free. There's no law saying playback should be free. It's just you being entitled.

If you can't spend 5 dollars on an app that's your problem, not a problem with Plex itself

Yeah, $5 is for people dumb enough to be unable to set up their own media server with open source software.

Requires subscription for basic features

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Plex requires a subscription for basic features like multi-user, you also have to buy the mobile apps separately.

A bit ridiculous that I have to pay them a monthly fee to be able to stream over my own network and run the server on my own computer.


If you pay for Plex either through a recurring subscription, or if you buy it outright, you don't have to pay for the mobile apps as they come free with it.

And you're not paying to host Plex on your computer and stream over your own network. That you can already do for free. In fact, you're already getting a lot of great stuff for free out of the box. It organizes all of your video, movie, and tv show collections, gets posters, descriptions, ratings, all that good stuff, makes it look very neat and nicely presentable, and makes them available to stream over your network or over the internet anywhere you are. Sure the apps cost if you don't pay a subscription, but it's just $5. That isn't much for what they're giving you.

What you are paying for is the vast amount of extra features that comes with a Plex Pass, like the Multi-user (which may seem like a basic feature and that it should be included, but you can still have multiple users use the same account for free), downloading cinema trailers, mobile sync so you can bring your media with you and you don't have to stream, camera uploading, and of course the free mobile apps, as well as any other features i didnt mention, and any new features they release in the future (which they tend to make new features fairly often)

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Plex works at the background preventing devices from sleep mode!
Plex also collecting data when the app is off.
Emby is so much better solution

Plex community block people for complaining these privacy issues

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A few years ago, Plex was great. Today, it sucks, due to the user interface getting more convoluted and less intuitive. The most recent update to the Plex Media Software uses "Hubs" and I no longer have the ability to view the individual folders that previous versions of Plex displayed without issue. I really want to like this app and have endured it's slow decline into the toilet. But, this most recent release was the final straw. I'm switching to Emby Server for Windows. Will it be any better? I have no idea. But, I seriously doubt it can be much worse. If Emby is no better, then I will roll-back my Plex software to the oldest version for which I still have the installer -- which is June 2017. When it comes to any software, once a company finally gets a product to where it works, hy can't then just leave it alone? I get it, if there's a need to fix a security or performance flaw. But, leave everything else alone. Stop changing the user interface. If you want to change the U/I, then spin that off into a separate product.

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Rubbish! it works on the background eating resources from my two servers: QNAP NAS and my PC.
it prevents device goes into sleep mode.
They just collecting data all the time!


requires a server

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Plex requires both a server and host device, making it very inefficient and over-complicated for casual users. You will always have to have the server device powered up in order to watch anything. Plex refuses to add an option for non-server playback.




Plex is a good fit

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I love Plex and it's features. I even loved it so much that I started subscribing to PlexPass, which makes shit even more awesome. It doesn't cost a lot, and it does the thing I want it to do, and there is no hassle in installing it on Ubuntu server, just download the .deb file and do "sudo dpkg -i plexfile.deb" and you are can just go to SERVERIP:32400/web and login, add some folders and you are good to go.

I can recommend this software to people that loves good presentation of their media files.


About Younity vs Plex ...

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Younity doesn't work on Android, that rules out plenty of users. Personally I always liked Minidlna(now ReadyMedia) the best, as it does exaclty what I want without any extra "features. But it's *NIX only. Could probably work on OSX, but not in a Windows environment.

So Windows -> Android, Plex looks like a top pick at the moment. Kodi works, but I couldn't fins a way to browse folders in Kodi. Plex does that, Plex wins.

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Been using XBMC for a while but...

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I decided to give Plex a shot and it definitely looks promising. It's based on XBMC, but it's much cleaner, nice looking, fast, elegant. It's still under development but I find it pretty neat.

It supports various Media Center clients in sync out of the box (in XBMC you have to do some real plumming to make this work).

Give it a try.

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It scans video files and music and adds metadata and sorts it into series.
Too bad the mobile version has serious limitations like one minute play time for music).


no shit but jellyfin is so much fucking better do your research dude

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Easy-to-use, does what it says on the box.


Emby works much better without collecting user data.

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Plex is just the most perfectly home theater you can get.