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Step by Step guide for Piwik for linux hosting

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Piwik is best alternate tool for google analytics. If you want to try this, I've a guide for you. Try this..


Much needed open-source analytics

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I recently moved a bunch of my sites from Google Analytics to self-hosted Piwik and it has been a smooth ride. Piwik is a much needed open-source alternative where you are in full control of the data (especially if you go the self-hosted route). The options for respecting the privacy of your visitors by honoring Do-Not-Track requests and masking IP addresses are great!


Best alternative to Google Analytics / Universal Analytics

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All the GA/UA features and a few more:

  • you can host your data
  • install plugins, edit the app code, the datas
  • handle no-javascript devices
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I just found out about Piwik and I'm disappointed that I didn't know about it sooner - all that time I wasted using Google Analytics when I could have been using this great, open source, free, self-hosted alternative. I was actually so happy upon finding out about it that I wrote a blog post on it, if you want to read a more in-depth discussion of why I was so happy with it. Give Piwik a try - I'm telling you, you'll never want to use Google Analytics again.